Work Plan

WP1: Project Management

T1.1 Establishment of the project management structure, consortium agreement

T1.2. Management of scientific and training activities and final conference

T1.3. Risk Management

T1.4. Innovation, data and IPR management

Leader: P1, NEU

WP2: Increasing the scientific excellence and capability on the development and processing of GMP conform functional biofibers

T2.1. Training ESRs, post-docs and PhDs on development of functional biofibers

T2.2. The building-up of expertise in the field of bioresorbable fibers for regenerative therapies

T2.3. The building-up of expertise in the pre-clinical research with focus on early GMP and GLP

T2.4. The building up of expertise in the regulatory requirements for clinical trial application using ATMPs as investigational products in the European Union

T2.5. Research and development of PHB/PCL/collagen composite biofiber, functionalized with LL-37 for wound healing

Leader: P4, UKW

WP3: Increasing scientific excellence and capability on  generating 3D wound models 

T3.1. Workshop: practical course about the development of biomaterials at TLC-RT

T3.2. Tissue engineering basics of 3D tissue cultivation – alternatives to testing of biomaterials avoiding animal experiments

T3.3. In-vitro wound models based on an open-source skin model

T3.4. Generation of 3D wound models, validation of functional antimicrobial PHB/PCL/collagen biofibers on wound model and implementation of biocompatibility tests

Leader: P3, TLC-RT


WP4: Strengthening the research management, administration skills and networking capacity

T4.1. Training of NEU project support office

T4.2. Training project development on biofiber development and biomedical engineering

T4.3. Mentoring female academics by female academics from TLC-RT

T4.4. Training on international collaborations, networking and research management

Leader: P2, RCSI

Ekran Resmi 2023-11-20 15.14.08

WP5: Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

T5.1. Project Website and logo.

T5.2. Communication through awareness meetings, info days with scientists, SMEs and public & release the project in media

T5.3. High impact papers and conference abstracts

T5.4. Participation to international brokerage and networking events

T5.5. Exploitation of the results

Leader: P1, NEU

WP6: Long term sustainability of REGENEU

T6.1. Training and mentoring ESRs on scientific communication, industrial collaboration and carrier planning

T6.2. Training on commercialization and business planning

T6.3. Implementation of clinician and end user-oriented seminars

Leader: P1, NEU

Management 60%
Development 40%
Excellence 25%
Strengthening 25%
D, E, C 20%
Long Term 30%