REGENEU Ireland Visit

The REGENEU Ireland visit took place from June 13th to June 19th, bringing together a group of 20 participants including PhD students, young academics, and the project team. The event was engaging and productive, allowing for meaningful interactions and collaborations.

As part of the program, participants had the opportunity to conduct experimental studies in prestigious research laboratories, including Amber, Trinity College Dublin, and RSCI. Additionally, they received training in advanced techniques such as 3D bioprinting and freeze drying. These hands-on sessions enabled participants to gain practical experience and develop their skills in cutting-edge methodologies within the field.

Dedicated meetings were organized to discuss the scope and working principles of the project support office. These meetings provided a valuable platform for participants to gain insights into the office’s role and functions within the project. Through these interactive sessions, attendees had the opportunity to understand the scope of the support office’s responsibilities and familiarize themselves with its working principles.

The REGENEU Ireland visit also served as a fruitful meeting for discussing future collaborations. Participants engaged in insightful discussions and exchanged opinions with officials from Amber, Trinity College Dublin, and RSCI regarding potential future projects and student exchanges. The visit provided a platform to explore and foster collaborative opportunities, strengthening the ties between the involved institutions and paving the way for exciting future endeavors.

At the final stage, a project meeting was conducted to evaluate and discuss the upcoming plans. The meeting served as a crucial platform for assessing the progress made thus far and determining the necessary steps to be taken moving forward. Participants actively engaged in reviewing the project’s accomplishments, identifying any challenges or areas for improvement, and collaboratively devising plans for the future. The meeting provided a valuable opportunity to align objectives, ensure effective project management, and set the course for successful implementation.

Find more photos from the event in the gallery.




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