Online Seminar

Online seminar

The virtual course was implemented by RSCI on the 22nd and 23rd of January, 2024 as part of WP4.2, with the following course content:

  • Development of a bi-layered antimicrobial scaffold for enhanced wound healing (By Matthew McGrath, RCSI)
  • Incorporation of nanoparticles into biomaterial platforms to enhance wound healing (By Dr Marko Dobricic, RCSI)
  • Applications of electrospinning and melt electrowriting in the development of platforms for tissue engineering (By Dr Golestan Salimbeigi, RCSI)
  • Advanced imaging for tissue engineering applications (by Dr Cian O’Connor, RCSI)
  • Development of electroconductive biomaterial scaffolds (by Liam Leahy, RCSI)
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